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Product features

75+ songs, sounds, melodies and phrases!
The puppy’s arms, legs, ears, and radiant heart respond to the baby’s touch (5 activations!)
Teaches the first 100 words and introduces body parts, shapes, arithmetic, alphabet and more!
3 smart steps to learn to grow with your child
Hold her heart to listen to all of the puppy’s songs!



Smart Stages Puppy


One smart (and polite!) Friend

The “Smart Stages of Laughing and Learning” puppy is soft, cute, and very fun. As your baby learns and the puppy introduces more than 100 first words, body parts, colors, and more, this makes learning very fun and exciting.

Learning grows with the baby

Each baby develops at its own pace, and Smart Stages technology allows you to choose the most optimal stage for your little one. Each level puppy offers a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, sounds, and phrases to engage your child. Just slide the key to select the level! First, the puppy introduces more than 100 first words, the alphabet, different colors, and more, as babies press different places on his tiny body. He then encourages the little ones to count with interesting and useful phrases and identify different parts of the body. The little ones can then continue their interest in learning by playing as if with their good puppy, singing to cheerful songs, and expanding their vocabulary.

See what’s evolving

Playful songs, sounds, and phrases introduce body parts, colors, alphabet, counting, and more, and stimulate thinking skills as your baby finds his or her ears, belly, and heart. Also, when your toddler discovers that their touch will force the puppy to talk and sing, they will see that their behavior can lead to funny events (aka cause and effect).

Say hello to your child’s first close friend! The puppy is soft, gentle and ready to make sure that the fun learning never ends. She responds to your baby’s touch with amazing songs and phrases that introduce more than 100 first words, body parts, colors, shapes, and more! And as each baby develops at its own pace, Puppy is equipped with Smart Stages technology so you can choose the most optimal level for your baby. There are different songs, sounds and phrases on all three game levels. The puppy’s bright, colorful heart flickers even under the sounds of music! Level 1 – Learn – A baby can press a puppy’s hands, feet, heart, nose, or ears to hear the first words, colors, alphabet, body parts, and more! Level 2 – Encourage – Fun phrases at this level will reward little ones as it is recommended to count them, find colors, and identify body parts! Level 3 – Self-imitation – The puppy is ready to sing with songs and lyrics that engage the little ones in exciting and imaginative games, all of which expand the vocabulary.

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Most of us learned ABC by singing them – rhythm and repetitive songs make it easier to remember things. That’s why we’ve included song tunes, rich music and fun sounds at all the toys and events.


The idea of numbers and counting makes sense when babies can point to “one, two, three” peas in their tray or put food forms in the fridge. Laughing and learning toys and exercises teach you to count numbers in a natural way, sing songs and remember the baby.

Shapes & Colors

Sorting, assembling, and assembling help the child understand the basics of size, spatial relationships, and shapes. Babies learn colors in a similar everyday way – yellow is not just yellow, but a yellow cup or a yellow banana.

First Words

Initially, your baby will learn to associate sounds with images, such as a “moo” cow or a “baa” lamb. They learn qualities like a big door or a red apple. The opposite sides are also up and down.

1 review for Smart Stages Puppy | Fisher-Price

  1. Brandon Leibowitz

    This is the love of my son’s life. He had one before but due to wear and tear i felt he needed a new one despite the fact that his old one still works. He was over the moon when he got this one. Now he plays with both and has a fun filled time with them.

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