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Smart Purse Laugh And Learn By Fisher-Price

Product Description:

Interesting learning never stands out! This amazing wallet helps your kid find out about numbers, colors, contrasts and more, and also offers fun in the past! With Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse, the smallest can carry five “must” accessories, open and close the lever, and slide the drive. Plus, your learning continues to enjoy, as your little one grows with Smart Stages! Each of the three levels of the game is complemented by various songs, sounds, melodies and sentences appropriate to the age and stage of your baby. Where does the development go? Academies: Funny songs and phrases about colors, counting, alphabet and more will help you to build a growing vocabulary of your baby. A good motor: Good motor skills, because the little ones hold the pieces of the game, remove the wallet and pull it out, open and close the purse. Fantasy and creativity: with real design and many interesting accessories, in an early role-playing bag!

Learning Fun With Smart Purse Laugh And Learn

With five-page playlists and more than 50 songs, sounds, melodies and lyrics, this clever bag is an awesome toy for playing early roles! As the little ones interact with the wallet, they hear about greetings, counting, Spanish words, and more, by opening and closing the lever, and sliding the slider and pushing the open hearts to reach the play!

Academic Development

Fun songs and phrases about colors, counting, alphabet, and more will help develop a growing baby’s vocabulary.

Develop motor skills

As the little kids keep track of the pieces of the game, put them on the wallet, and open the purse, the motor skill enjoys great exercises.

Fantasy and creativity

With a real design and many interesting accessories, playing in the early role will be in the folder!


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