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BRITENWAY Educational Doctor Medical Play Set For Kids

Product Description:

Discover a small doctor hidden in your children with a set of toys for BritenWay. Small fingers and incredible intelligence. Get rid of your child’s concerns about the doctor, spend time together, and let everyone know the different functions of each toy. 24 best tools for doctors and nurses accessories. All in all, BritenWay is in the toy box. Open the storage case and find a stethoscope, a blood cloth, a syringe, a syringe, a face mask, a pair of sunglasses, a tweezers, a blood pressure monitor, an ear head, a mirror, and so on. Allow children to identify different sounds and colors. Some of our toys are controlled by the battery for extra energy. Your children will love them. Help them develop good social and behavioral skills, teach each other how to help and play harmoniously.

BRITENWAY Educational Doctor Medical Play Set

Complete set of toys – 34 pc and medical equipment are a great way to look after your children!

Unlike other small and insufficient toys, doctors have all the necessary tools in the collection of toys. Open the packaging and find a plastic box with a handle. Many of the research tools, dental care, and nursing aids you can find include stethoscope, bone marrow, foresight, sunglasses, identity card, scalpel, tweezers, syringes, scissors, reflex hammer, beds and earphones. , an oral mirror, a doctor’s buffer paper, a pulse machine, a toothbrush, a thermometer, an otoscope, a stomatologist and a body.

Create a rock of your child’s imagination – launch their creative spirit!

The toy set is infinitely cheerful, and besides satisfying your child’s interest, they can improve their STEM learning skills. Teach them new vocabulary, teach the eye to coincide, build good motor skills, build creative abilities, and have lots of fun while learning. How wonderful is it? Make the most beautiful and educational gift for your kids. 24 books of medical toys are suitable for girls, boys, babies and children over 3 years, festive parties, birthday parties, gifts, classmates, sleeping aids, toys, swimming pool, beach, closed house, etc. outdoor play.


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