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Fun Fishing games Let’s Go Fishin’

Product Description:

Our ‘Let’s Go To Fisin’ Game is a genuine version of the fishing game that parents know best when they play childhood. This classic game for kids teaches manual coordination, as players try to catch the most fish using their small fishing rods. The problem is that the board is a game, and the fish mouth opens and closes. With 21 fish and 4 fishing rods, a fast-track racetrack has many types of fishing, and these fish look like a hungry belly. Let’s go to the phishing – fishing toys that are ideal for playing at home or in a traveling game – pushing the kids to play again and again. For 4 to 4 years old players. Requires a 1C battery (not included).

Some Features Of Fun Fishing games

1. The original game of fishing is classic!
2. The gaming board turns and opens and closes the fish mouth
3. 21 fish and 4 fishing poles
4. Quality and safety have been tested
5. Age -4 and above
6. Try to get the biggest fish for this classic action pack
7. Deluxe Plastic Game Base

1 review for Fun Fishing games Let’s Go Fishin’

  1. Lauren Katz

    Great game especially if you are looking for a game suitable for a little boy. Both my kids, boy (3) and girl (5), love it and it helps to develop good hand-eye coordination. It’s fun to play as a family as well. The fishing rods are cheap, and I expect they will be the first to go; but for the price I’m very happy. Don’t forget to buy batteries!

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