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Marble Run Super Set Genius Marble Toy

Product description:

1. Quantity Number – Many companies increase the number of real units as shown in the example above. In this case, the competing claims that it has a “122 pcs” of its own, but calculates the number of individual parts instead of the pieces they use (for example, they calculate 2 bases instead of 1 pc or 1 pc). Our sets always provide the exact number of parts used, rather than the number of individual pieces in the bundle. Take a moment to review this comparison.

2. Basis size – the bases allowing you to create large marble runs are very important, unfortunately, some areas of marble are missing. Our super team has 3 great bases, and this is one of the largest baskets in any market of marble running racks. The Super Bundle basis is 75% higher than the one mentioned above.

3.) Parts of Activity – When compared to online collections, it is often ignored. We offer different kinds of shares. This makes the marble running much more enjoyable.

4.) The size of the action – The production of large, exceptional details is expensive, but they make the whole set of play more enjoyable. We publish the most exciting adventure on the market, but do not just mention it, but also carefully look at the sets.

5. Glass marble – standard-sized glass marble makes it much more enjoyable and our sets come in only with a glass marble.

Marble Run Super Set Genius

  • The 19 full version of 19 different marble runs allows you to see all the action (we do not count the details as others – it’s a complete supplement and not to be added to each other!)
  • Strong plastic parts that can cling to each other and play for children
  • 8 large bases providing maximum stability, including 3 large bases (large base structures slightly vary in the shape of slices)
  • 9 step-by-step instructions for buying, interesting issues and up-to-date content (iOS or Android) free Genius Marble Instructions.
  • Marble Genius marble running starter set (60 pieces), extreme set (125 pieces), overclocking kit (20 pieces) and 9 sets of accessories that are compatible with marble running gear. The standard marble (5 inches or less) of the toy size works with this kit (with 15 glass marble)

1 review for Marble Run Super Set Genius Marble Toy

  1. Olivia Monical

    Overall great product. We play with this during one on one hangout time with our 2.5 almost 3 year old. She loves building & dropping the marbles in. She’s very intrigued with this toy. We could easily play for hours without getting bored. (This toy is not recommended for this age, but we do it anyways with adult present. Do not let your child play with this alone because there are small pieces they could choke on easily)

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