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Lionel Polar Express Train Set Ready to Play

Product Description:

Look at the shadows of the children, when they are sitting on light cars sitting in light chocolate steamer cups, the flames of Ajax fill the air! This train will brighten your home this year with a Christmas spirit. This magic kit includes a Berkshire-like steamship and fishing gear, passenger wagons, and a controller; 24 curved and eight flat plastic tracks. Elegant elastic locomotive includes running lights; train sounds, which ring bell and whistle; but also: “All on board! This Polar Express! ‘You can use six simple C batteries (not included) with this battery. The kit also comes with an easy-to-use remote control (requires two AAA batteries).

Lionel Polar Express Train Set

1. This year’s Polar Express magazine features a collection of Christmas magazines.
2. Dimensions: 50 “x 73.2” oval for the “Ready to Play” line. 24 pieces of curved and 8 straight plastic tracks. Fastening couplings.
3. Remote: The buttons allow you to go forward and backward on the train, hear a whistle, call, and play ads.
4. Required batteries: Three AAA batteries for controller and six C cell batteries required for train (not included)
5. The kit includes headlights and 3 wagons. When sitting on cars, witness the shade of the children.


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