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Step2 Push Car Around Buggy For Kids For Kids

Product Description:

The city will talk about when you and your small driver are revolving around the revolutionary stylish Buggy GT around Step2 around. Modern children’s walking allows you to enjoy a comfortable and safe cruise around the block while pushing your small child – and they manage (or not) have a lot of fun. The steering wheel, horn and seat belt allow you to walk safely and accurately! Parents also chose favorite dishes and keys and wallet under the hood. This elastic car is a great tool for big and small people for all car lovers! Manufactured in the United States by imported parts. An adult gathering is needed.

Safe Ride With Step2 Push Car Around Buggy

Turn the heads to the left and to the right, you and your small driver, Step 2, walk around Buggy GT around the flat and trendy Push Around. Modern children’s yachts allow your little boy to enjoy a comfortable, safe snap around the park or around the park. Everyone is ready for a steering wheel, horn and seat belt! Parents can choose both a walk and a favorite drink and drink under the hood. This is a car for kids – a great trip for any small car lovers.

Safety Fast

For security, tie your expensive luggage into the Push Around Buggy with built-in safety belt and shape shield. In addition, the horn warns about the puppies and other bugs that are actually coming.

1. The child’s comfortable ride features under-cover storage for long walks!
2. The guys present a real steering wheel with Buggy pusher horns!
3. An enormous push-pull handle allows the parents to push and widen easily.
4. The child pusher has an additional safety seat belt.
5. Maximum traveling weight: 50 lbs. (22.68 kg)

Wide Grip Handle

Adults can steer and maneuver with ease this bubble by using the handle that is firmly attached, and this is the perfect height for a comfortable push no matter how long the trip.


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