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Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies All About Racing

Product Description:

Little people in Fisher Presbyts learn how to get the fun! Trolleys are cool cars for small children. In each of them, little guys represent a favorite character. Friends of little people like children just like to play and study the big world around! Fischer-Priser has developed an experimental technique that allows children to learn about life-style experiences and learn about a child-friendly neighbor, a good neighbor, an active member of society and other unique features. through your little boy. Create a collection of small pieces of play that your kids know about the world wonderfully and imaginatively.

This is a set of four-wheeled vehicles for children, allowing kids to run, scale, and run with their favorite Little People characters! Race Car and Sport vehicles and send them a police car. If anyone needs roadside assistance, the Tow Truck is ready and waiting for the launch.

Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies

1. Kids’ cool cars are perfectly fitted with small hands
2. Little people have the character, they are perfect for fun
3. Great wheels for wheel ramps or bigger wheels
4. Invites you to play fantasy
5. 4 pcs Wheelies cars, get everything


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