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Toddler Car Organizer Matchbox Car Mission 4-Level Garage For Kids

Product Description:

For each mission, there is a car. Whether your car needs tuning, help from a good tow truck, or excellent car wash, Matchbox 4-Level Garage is your only store! Send your Matchbox cars through four levels of activity, wind around the spiral ramp, refuel stop at the gas pump, or lift the crane to the top of the real elevator. It’s always a busy day in the coolest garage! Includes one Matchbox tow truck. All sold separately. Based on available quantity. Colors and designs can vary.

Several levels for different fantastical events

Send Matchbox vehicles to four levels of activity, wind up the spiral ramp, stop fuel injection in the petrol pump, or pull the crane over the actual lift elevator. In this garage there will always be a challenging day!

Single store for existing cars

There is a vehicle for each mission. Get ready for your next adventure with the Matchbox 4-level garage. If your car needs fine tuning, help from a good truck or a premium car wash, this highly interactive game set is your one-way shop!

Fun Starts Now!

It starts right out of the box with a Matchbox wheelchair. Each exhibition set is sold separately depending on availability. Colors and decorations may vary. Not for use with some Matchbox vehicles.

Some Features Of Toddler car Organizer Matchbox Car

  1. Large scale large garage with activities and features recognizable in the real world.
  2. Four levels of activity include a spiral ramp, a gas pump, a crane, a track, and a real-life lift.
  3. Their high-end car wash features for all Matchbox cranes and trucks.
  4. Includes one Matchbox truck. Game Range: 3 years and older

1 review for Toddler Car Organizer Matchbox Car Mission 4-Level Garage For Kids

  1. Oscar Morris

    My 3.5 year old son loves this garage. Very durable as my 1.5 year old son got a hold of it, jammed five cars in the elevator and threw it over the baby gate, down the stairs… everything was still intact and works fine. I cannot express how much my son loves this garage. A friend’s daughter came over, about the age of 3 and she loved it as well. So her mother wants to buy one for her.

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