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Best Toddler Construction Workbench

Product Description

Unlike usual toys, our children’s desktop can be of up to 3 different types, including a suitcase, a wardrobe and a standard bench workshop that will help you to keep your favorite children alive.

Package Includes:

  1. 1*Hand Saw
  2. 1*Combination Wrench
  3. 1*Box-end Wrench
  4. 1*Adjustable Wrench
  5. 1*Insulated Plier
  6. 1*T-type Wrench
  7. 1*Goggle
  8. 1*Dust Mask
  9. 1*Measuring Tape
  10. 1*Transmission Shaft
  11. 1*Putty Knife
  12. 1*C-type Clamp
  13. 1*Bastard File
  14. 1*Nailing Hammer
  15. 1*Silver Toothed Gear
  16. 1*Red Toothed Gear
  17. 1*Green Toothed Gear
  18. 1*Red Plate
  19. 1*Flip Board
  20. 1*Suitcase Base Plate
  21. 1*Suitcase Handle
  22. 1*Trolley Handle
  23. 1*Suitcase Component
  24. 1*Toy Hat
  25. 1* Drill
  26. 1*Stickers
  27. 2*Screwdriver Handle
  28. 2*Wheel Parts
  29. 2*Workbench Stands
  30. 2*Bench Clamp
  31. 2*Trolley Wheels
  32. 2*Squared and Rounded Accessories
  33. 2*Struct Accessories
  34. 3*Drill Bits
  35. 3*Wooden Blocks
  36. 5*Iron Nails
  37. 1*Three Holes Accessories
  38. 6*Suitcase Buckles
  39. 9*Red Hooks
  40. 10*Screws
  41. 11*Screw Nuts


Best Toddler Construction Workbench

ELECTRICAL DRYING: Do not use the screwdriver for the immovable or immovable object. Stop the drilling after the screw can not be screwed. Because the electrostatic material in the drill is plastic, the user will not be able to use the drill properly and the clutch will break continuously.


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