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Digital Drawing Tab For Kids

Product Description:

The big hit gadget is suitable for people of all ages, from a young age to the oldest. This is a great idea to help children find restaurants, restaurants, memoirs, even home-impaired people. This is an excellent tool for teachers to help students learn about math and practice.
Children can enjoy and learn at the same time. The 8.5-inch image makes it easy to print from anywhere. It will be interesting both inside and outside the house.


Digital Drawing Tab For Kids

The best birthday, Christmas gift for children, makes it easier for children to use. Children are very safe and have a great time at home and on the street, fun and surprising, and your kids will love you!

Package Included:
1 x LCD panel
1 x Stylus
Pay attention:
1) Do not expose the LCD to the sharp objects to ensure that the tablet functions best.
2) Do not bend the tablet. Do not immerse the unit into water or other liquids. Do not put it above 50 degrees Celsius and below 0 degrees Celsius.
They make great gifts, so do not hesitate to buy them for your friends and family!

1 review for Digital Drawing Tab For Kids

  1. Traci R. Moore

    This is a neat little toy! It is a simple and futuristic mixture. You only need to drag or write it with the style, then press the button to delete it and start again. It looks great, although the screen is quite small, which limits the amount you can write / draw. Otherwise, very cool toy.

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