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Log Cabin Homes Smart Builder Master Cabin Wood Set

Product Description:

Cabinet Magazines are building toys designed to inspire imagination! This is a classic toy of any age! Make a border home, western towns or countryside – the possibilities are endless! Your fantasy is a limitation! Compatible with Lincoln magazines and other magazines.

Log Cabin Homes Smart Builder

1. 400 sets included: 48 grass roof tiles of different sizes, 338 magazines, one against each other in combination with 8 brown ceilings, 2 brown chimneys, and dimensions.
2. Compatible with Lincoln magazines and other magazines
3. Contained in a stable and long-lasting container for reuse
4. Get your fantasies through this magazine! All the pieces are made of real wood and made to the last! A version of Instructions and Ideas for an Optimized Building! Like a true cabin finish, it is very beautiful and decorated.

5. Great hands-on training for children of all ages! It stimulates fine motor and cognitive development. Made of 100% natural birch wood and painted with non-toxic water-based paint. Fully tested US ASTM toys’ highest safety standards.

1 review for Log Cabin Homes Smart Builder Master Cabin Wood Set

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk

    My children’s creativity is always so amazing to me. I love to watch them build create design. It’s wonderfully amazing what they dream up and they can build with this log set! It’s ability to withstand my children’s creativity and bring their imaginations to life is nothing less than extraordinary. This has become a very welcome addition in out home!

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