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Light Up Archery Bow and Arrow Toy Set for Girls & Boys

Product Description:

Set the Final Beginners Archery for your Children!

Bow and arrow of continuous action play. It comes with 3 suction cups and a small round target to shoot it and quiver to keep your arrows. Safe bye for kids and adults can be used too! A great way to introduce young children to recreational sports. Full range of outdoor games for kids to play with friends and win competitive. Recommended age 6 and up.

Strong and Durable

Our high quality toys are designed to last! They are made of high quality materials and are strictly tested for quality, leading to an unparalleled game of quality and durability. Surely to withstand all children who love noise and crack will love it.

Safe and Fun

Our toys fully comply with ASTM F963-17 and comply with consumer product standards for toys safety. As for toys in our children, what can be more important than safety? Just choose the best for your child!

Light Up Archery Bow and Arrow Toy Set

Included in the package
  • 1x Archery Bow
  • 3x Arrows for bow
  • 1x Bull’s eye target board
  • 1x Quiver to hold arrows

LED lights help children reach the target easily, and also provide nighttime safety. The non-toxic ABS material is safe to use for safe suction cups. It is easy to wear a cuff stick holding the arrows. Play at home and on the street. Archery shooting sets hand coordination and enhances shooting skills. Our children bow and arrow games offer good training, which improves your children’s concentration.


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