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LotFancy Basketball Hoop For Kids 2 in 1 Sports Toy Set

Product Description:

Toy for a child

The LotFancy basketball ring comes with incredible sound effects and flashing lamps, which is a great touch stimulus for small children. This basketball kit is designed to make your child enjoy sporting and fun learning. While passing through the circle, an electronic slide will shine with a glow and sound effect, inviting small children to play; Press wake up to wake up the music to wake children. Little kids can play basketball or shoot a ball on the bottom, and these baby toys will please your child. The pupils love collecting points and throwing them into a basketball ring to produce light and sound.

Ready, drop and have fun!

This adjusted basketball kit invites adolescents to create a circle, increasing their confidence, regardless of their age or skill level. This sporting toy makes sport easy and effective for grown-ups, teaches great tracks and moves to the circle or goal, encourages the baby to run, run and run, shoot, move and develop rough motor skills. Blinking lights, cheer-up sounds and fun music play an active game. Basketball games for children from 1 to 3 years are offered. Avoid water and rain only for domestic use. Based on testing results, our LotFancy toys comply with all applicable child safety regulations issued by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Features Of LotFancy Basketball Hoop For Kids

  • Very animated with animations and music
  • 2 in 1 basketball toy set
  • Blinking light and sound stimulation
  • Right size for toddlers
  • A basketball kit with your child will grow
  • Two Height positions, easy to adjust
  • Easy to open and install
  • Package including:
  • Basketball set x 1
  • Ball x 2


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