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Mini Drone for boys and girls Easy to Fly

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This small quadcopter can be assembled into the controller, which is small and easy. Tricks like 360 ​​° flight, speed-spinning, and various flight movements for incredible activities. Amaze your friends! 3 Modes of Switching Speed: Low / Medium / High Speed ​​is a step-by-step training of flight skills, so you can gradually move from the beginner to the specialist. By pressing the button in the Headless mode (return to the home), the drone flies towards the transmitter.

Mini Drone for boys and girls


  • Quadcopter Weight: 24.9g (FAA Registration NOT Required)
  • Drone Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 Inches(With Propeller Guards)
  • Charging time: about 40 mins
  • Playing time: 5-7 mins
  • Transmitter Operation Range: about 30-50 meters

1 review for Mini Drone for Boys and Girls

  1. David B. Moore

    This is a nice drone to consider on the go along with it being saved in the controller. the controller is to large to fit inside a pocket very easily but you can put it in a bag and not worry about breaking a propeller. also the ability to charge the drone using the controller will be nice. now just due to the fact it is simple to travel and appears stable, we would not recommend getting it outside, it will be a little light weight drone that is greatly impacted by wind.

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