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Camper Vehicles Barbie Pop Up Toy Walmart For Kids

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If Barbie doll (sold separately) hit the road in this camper, everything is possible – because this RV offers more than meets the eye! When ready for the road, it’s a signature glam vehicle and two front seats (with seatbelts, of course!) – but lift the handle and it appears to turn the camper into a three-story play with all kinds of possibilities for an incredible camping adventure outside! Plus, the transformation doesn’t stop there with even more play spaces for even more storytelling opportunities. Turn the front cabin into a bathroom – remove the chairs to reveal a toilet at the bottom and turn the steering wheel to turn it into a sink. Transform the back of the cabin by turning over the tire cover to reveal a fire pit and opening the back door to reveal a kitchen with a fridge, sink, oven, and stove that can really make the kids’ imagination cook! The middle room has a double bed with hammock hanging upstairs, perfect for a quick nap after a nice camping adventure.

Slide the pool down to the camper and connect it to the slide that starts on the second floor. Barbie doll can slip from the second-floor living room (with a sofa, TV and glam chandelier) to make a splash during a fun pool party at the campsite. Set up the dining room table and chairs on the third floor for meals under the stars or a beautiful picnic under the sun. Create scenes from the movie in which the camper appears, Barbie and her sisters in the big puppy adventure, or jump in the driver’s seat to tell your own stories. including accessories – a fire pit, griddle sticks, cookware, food and place settings – contribute to the fun of the camp. With autographs like a chandelier, pretending TV with remote control and space for all four sisters to sleep (including the fun hammock), Barbie can really sparkle. Campsite contains transformational features, pool with slide, sofa, bed, blanket, table, two chairs (with removable seat belts), tire cover / fireplace, grill sticks with jam, popcorn in bowl, juice bottle, egg carton, milk carton, frying pan, toothpaste, soap dish , toothbrush, towel, plates, cups and two pillows.

Camper Vehicles Barbie Pop Up Toy Driving into Adventure

Additional accessories, such as place settings and pillows, offer traditional play realism and fun. Plus, the transformative features and glam touch make for modern twists. Kids will love exploring the world in this campground and looking stylish in it!

Full of Fun!

For classic campground, there is also a bedroom, lounge, dining area and fireplace. The cabin of the cabin has the sleeping quarters – a bed (with a soft blanket) and a hammock with printed fabric mean that all four sisters have a nice sleeping space. While lifting the handle, it creates two extra rooms. The living room on the second floor is the perfect place to hang the chandelier, sit the couch, kick back and relax while watching TV. The third-floor deck is ideal for dining with a view; a table and the two chairs fit perfectly. Take dessert at the fire pit, created by rotating the tire cover, and roast marshmallows; four griddles with marshmallows – which fit on dolls’ hands – are included.

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  1. Evelyn Costa

    My 4 year old daughter was so excited to open this! It wasn’t hard to assemble. Except that you do have to put all of the stickers on yourself. I messed up one of the strips that goes down the side of the camper but happened to have a sticker sheet of replacement stickers that I had from the Barbie Dreamhouse. Mattel had sent me extra. There’s a little slot where the pool slides out and my daughter lost the tiny toothbrush down there. I’m sure I can open it up but beware of the hole that is there. This camper is a great addition to the Barbie Dream house. I have to help her open and close it because she’s just four. It is worth the cost because it has so much to it and is also very great quality. There is a kitchen in the back, a potty under one of the driver seats, a sink if you flip the steering wheel, a living room on one level with a canopy, roof top dining (the seats are dining seats too) Also a bed and a pool with a slide. You can store all the pieces in the slide out pool. This camper is hours of fun. She also has the puppy camper (blue and white one) This one she likes better and it does a whole lot more than that one.

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