Keep Baby Healthy During Cold

Keep Your Baby Healthy During Cold, Flu & RSV Season

When the season and weather change, flu and RSV season is here. Keep these tips safe and sound from your baby’s microbial distribution:

Wash your hands!

This simple advice can not be overestimated. Get the habit of washing your hands first, wherever you are in the home. Always use your child’s hands to wash hands, especially when babies like to put their hands in their mouths.

Use a hand cleanser with a pinch

If you are outdoors and can not be washed manually, hold the detergent manually to avoid microbiology. Wipe the shop ware baskets and other reasons.

Avoid ill people

If someone you know is ill or in contact with the patient, wait some time before you put the baby back to them. Diseases have an incubation period and, until symptoms occur, people become infected, so those who are around the patient, but those who have not had the disease, need to stay in bed for several days. illness.

Set boundaries

Additionally, it’s good to note that your family and social environment is appreciated by your child and your home when you are ill or in the circle. Since my daughter was born in December, I made a statement on Facebook that my friends and relatives were restricting visitors to avoid the illness in the winter, especially in the schools that year. Do not worry about grieving anyone – the sick baby is not afraid to feel anybody.

Influenza flu

Whether you are pregnant, talk to your doctor about the flu. Children under 6 months can not be infected with influenza, but it is important to protect yourself and protect your baby since there is a risk of influenza complications.

Keep your home clean

Ensure decontamination of high risk of bacterial growth. Cooking and cooking surfaces, cooking surfaces, door handles and handles, lighting switches, handgrip handles and sink knobs are places where you must regularly disinfect. Your phone and computer should also be manually disinfected.

Preventing and preventing the disease is easier than treating and treating a sick child, so spend a day out with a pleasure to spend time each day to fight bacteria.

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