35 Things I’ve Learned About Babies

Last year I learned about pediatricians in the first year of infants. It’s hard to raise them, but it’s also fun. Believe me, I know – I have three hands. Even though I do not know a degree in parenting, there are things I know. Here I learned about newborns.

1. The babies are not as subtle as we imagined. You will not break his hand to wear T-shirts.

2. Correct – they grow faster

3. Enjoy all the tricks they make. You will never know when they will have the final art.

4. If you do not have a baby, silence is gold. In this case, silence is very suspicious.

5. Their nails are sharp, but their teeth are sharp.

6. As for nails, they grow faster.

7. One day you wake up and realize that everything in your home is dangerous to the baby. In fact, this is not bad.

8. Last year, as I have been in my life, I put the question “What’s in your mouth?”

The dishwasher is one of the most fun toys in the world. Especially knives on it.

10. As for toys, babies do not care about luxury wood or fancy toys. Everything is freaky and dangerous.

11. Tailoring for children … I do not know how to handle my life without having towels.

12. It is important for them to be independent from an early age. In this way, they learn to play spontaneously and you have more time to enjoy your morning coffee.

13. Infants are masterminds. Do not let them deceive you.

14. There is a difference between “I’m offended” and “I want to think I’m offended”.

15. Sometimes they cry out for no reason. In fact, most often one has to learn to read their cry.

16. Everything you eat is theirs. Do not be distracted by individual boards.

17. According to infants, the body creams and all the ingredients in the tube – the most delicious aroma.

18. You cry right after crying to your child.

19. The word “gentle charity” is used to describe the feelings of a parent’s infant death.

20. The pictures are great. Videos are even better.

21. At times, cartoons will be your closest friends. When we were little, parents allowed their parents to watch cartoons while their children were eating. I apologize for that.

22. Strangers like to touch your babies. Learn to say “no” before your child is in an unhealthy condition. True story!

23. When babies hear no, they like to experiment with their limits. Did you hear that ‘Never say’ to Panda? ‘ Watch videos on YouTube so you know what I’m talking about.

24. Time for the second baby flies faster than the first one.

25. In virtually any kid has a special toy, without which they can not sleep. Just run out of shop to buy a duplicate as soon as you know what it is.

26. Infants love to cover important things, especially in a litter box. This is just the reason I use the loudspeaker to talk to my phone.

27. Errors … I have to write a separate article.

28. It is best to press the lift button first.

29. When your child is asleep, a doorbell will be heard.

30. Chicken can not be counted as a bird. When I say “I have it,” my children prove that I am wrong. “Hey, Mom! You thought you read me skillfully and wrote about it on Facebook? Baháõahah! »

31. Sleep solves everything. For everyone.

32. The baby can not speak, but they can talk. It is important to learn how to understand the amazing signs and languages.

33. Good order is key.

34. The casual woman in the grocery store, your parents, and even Google do not know your babies better than you.

35. I know I know little about parenting, but it does not matter to my children.

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