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Zombie Strike Hammershot for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Product Description:

Nerf’s fast armor comes out at six shifts! If you need speed and mobility, put the N-Strike elite toys in the Nerf battles. Be sure to spot the target during this explosion at a distance of 90 meters (27 meters). The barrel moves towards the blast to be easily loaded and holds the 6 Nerf elite, so you can burn up to 6 times before reloading time. The powerful hand of Nerf Blaster is aimed at quickly burning all 6 fast and furious foam waves! It comes with six official Nerf elite snowboards, designed for distance, designed for performance and quality, and made of foam with fixed and flexible, hollow tips. You can control the action when you turn the slide into an explosive and turn on the fire. No battery required. This is a great gift for Nerf newcomers and cool cooling that adds Nerf fans to their collections!

Zombie Strike Hammershot

1. The fire has been shifted 6 times: Nerf N-Strike Elite 6 times a day, it burns the flames down to 90 feet (27 meters) and includes 6 Nerf Elite.
2. Open Rotary 6 Rack Barrels: The strong Nerf blade has a rotating 6-point barrel which opens to trouble-free and power supply – no batteries required.

3. Flame Explosion: Moving the slide forward and backwards while holding all the six engines in the rapid blast stream immediately to the target.
4. 6 Nervous Diseases: Includes 6 official Nerf Elite dipsticks that are designed for distance, tested for performance and quality, and have foam with fixed and flexible hollow tips.
5. Easy-to-open, recyclable package: simple recyclable ships, easy to open and unsettled


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