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Green Toys Recycling Truck Dump Truck In Pink Color

Product Description:

Help your kid learn how to dispose of green dump truck dump and recycling. These dumping toys are a practical and innovative way to improve the development of small and rough motor skills, including the clamp. This toy does not contain BPA, phthalate or PVC and is safe for the earth and child. This dumper can be a good way to learn about rubbing your kid so that it helps them understand the need to keep the environment clean.

Green Toys Recycling Truck

1. Secure Toy: The dump truck is made of environmentally friendly materials. No use of recycled plastic BPA, bandage or PVC for safe use of land and children. The toy is packaged with recycled materials and printed with soybeans to provide additional environmental safety
2. The use of Dump Toy Toys: pink car toy toys for girls and helps to improve their motor skills and small motor skills, including ping pong. This slot machine is an innovative way to introduce your child to the sand technique.

3. The package includes: These dumping toys consist of a working dump truck without metal axles. This toy’s imagination plays a vital role in helping your child learn dumping techniques.
4. Robust Truck: This collection of toys is made of plastic plasticized milk containers. FDA communications standards provide strength, durability, and security
5. Cleaning is easy: dumpling toys can be cleaned with soft shampoo or soap. Your child can clean it when you like to play with it. It can be used both at home and outside


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