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Girls Junior Toys Playset For Toddlers

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Disney Junior is T.O.T.S., the smallest serving, another great day here! She loves and cares about the nursery head until she is ready to bring the most delicate babies to their home. Now children can go home to T.O.T.S. with beautiful animals. The main play of the orphanage! This multilevel play has light and sound, it’s a baby-laden bed, a curved infant slide, and kids lift! There are 3 newborn babies in the play. Fill your bathtub with ice-cold water and watch every baby’s crochet changing to another color! Take the kids to a picnic walk, put them in a space, or feed a baby bottle while the food is open

Girls Junior Toys Playset

There is also a cloudy car seat for the baby, an underground door for extra entertainment and a removable basket. Incredible Factor – In Many Tactics Out of the Diagram! T.O.T.S. There is three plays in the nursery head office: a moya kitten, a Martini monkey and a rabbit, a baby chair, a balloon, a bottle of bottles, a brush, a slide, and a removable basket. Look for amazing kennels for T.O.T.S, unexpected baby care kit and baby inspired by the show! 3+ years old


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