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Barbie Dreamhouse Playset

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3 story building with impressive dimensions of 3 feet high and 4 meters wide, 8 rooms, all corner games, a working elevator, and slide pool
A second-floor pool with a working elevator with space for 4 dolls, a new home office, a car, and a slide starting from the third floor – included in the fantasy features – fill it with water for a real sprinkling.
Lights and sounds add realistic effects and encourage role-playing: place the roasting pan on the stove and press to make it simmer; do the same with the teapot to whistle; open the oven door to see it burn; turn to set the oven timer, and press the button on the toilet for a wash sound
The two expand a range of entertainment options: a sofa opens to create double beds, and a coffee table opens to a Chelsea doll (sold separately), creating a bedroom for guests; the fireplace is turned into a cozy nest to turn into a home office; the kitchen sink serves two functions with a barbecue and shelves on one side and an oven and processing box on the other, and the back of the refrigerator is an outdoor food stand
Additional Accessories – The Barbie Doll House is a total of 70 pieces, encouraging personal thought and inspiring endless stories. The handles of some elements allow for role-playing, while the plug-in and play design allow for active play.
Expand the world of Barbie dolls and our own world, adding variety to stories and playtimes, because you can be with Barbie in anything (each sold separately, depending on availability).

1 review for Barbie Dreamhouse Playset

  1. Shimon Oz

    My 4-year-old grandson loves this toy and plays with it all the time. It’s really big and impressive, even higher! The pieces are plentiful, but the instructions are very clear and the parts are well assembled, so it didn’t take more than an hour to assemble them. Some parts are very small, such as plastic forks, knives, and spoons, so keep this toy away from younger siblings.

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