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Barbie doll toys -20 doll Store Portable Trunk

Product Description:

Long shelf box for living in a cabinet or packaging. The main part of the cabinet has more than 20 Barbie dolls, fashion accessories, accessories, and more. Great accessories for a little girl’s Barbie collection. Neutralization and inaccurate mother’s daughter’s doll collection. The wheels and handles allow the girls to bring the body to the whole house. Perfect for all your Barbie, Barbie shoes and Barbie shoes. Everything is necessary for every fan of the Barbie doll.

Some Features Of Barbie doll toys -20 doll

1. This Barbie Handbag is a great addition to the Barbie collection for any little girl
2. A great place for Barbie dolls, Barbie shoes, and Barbie shoes
3. The wheels and the handle allow you to move the enclosure around the house
4. Criteria of the case: 18.00 «L x 9.20» W x 10.00 H «
5. Ages 3 and up


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