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Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser Vehicles Kids Mission Cruiser

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There is a problem with Barkingburg! Join Mission Paw Patrol at Mission Cruiser and escape from Ruff Ruth! Mission Cruiser includes Robo Dog and its car, as well as your favorite puppies and their rescuers (sold separately) in the container, behind the cruiser and at the driver’s seat. Use the popup and animated mission card (available separately) to view the mission or download the mission card to the new Mission Pup Pad. Together with Paw Patrol Mission Paw Mission Cruiser!

Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser Vehicles

  • MISSION SAFE CRUISER: Store your favorite Pups and Cars in cruiser and run for hours! Robo Dog and its small car, as well as lights and sounds, as well as a floating screen and animated mission card. 3 rescues can accommodate the race car
  • YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Plug your puppies to push the side door and save your time! Click on the button and start the PAW Patrol for an animated task map to launch a popup screen and send you to an exclusive mission.
  • Shortcuts: The PAW Patrol students are rescuing dogs who are inspired by real-life experiences, such as a fireman, police officer, and builder. When the problem arises, they go to save the day, whether it’s a tree in the wood, a train behind the train
  • CHANGE YOURSELF: PAW Patrol is an exciting way to learn courage and heroism, which is never terrifying. PAW Patrol Figures and plays are responsible for several hours of interactive and exciting events for your child over the age of 3.

1 review for Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser Vehicles Kids Mission Cruiser

  1. Olivier Gourmelon

    My 4 year old Grandson loved this as one of his birthday presents for his ‘Paw Patrol’ themed birthday party! A good price and fast shipping makes this Amazon seller a favorite for me !!

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