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Hot Wheels Toy Cars Gift Pack For Toddler

Product Description:

Connect quickly to a quick set of wheels with ready-to-fly rugs with nine wheel-drive cars. The 9-wheel wheel offers 9-step enhanced action and is ideal for car fans of all ages. Together with the incredible theme, original details and funny decor, these packages make a great gift for children and collectors. Each package is sold separately, if available. Colors and decorations may vary.

Hot wheels – this is a brand of toy cars on the scale 1:64, 1:43, 1:18 and 1:50, in 1968 by Mattel, the American toymaker. He was the main competitor of Matchbox until 1997 when he bought the Matchbox Tyco. Toys, Owner of Matchbox.

Hot Wheels Toy Cars Gift Pack

Many wheel manufacturers have licensed “Wheeled Wheels” to create large models of their cars, which allow them to use their wheel designs and details. Although the tires were originally intended for children and young adults, they were well-known for adult collectors with limited edition designs.

1.There are nine wheeled cars in the bags
2. Children can collect their friends and trade with friends
3. Every 9 car packages are instantly assembled
4. The scale is 1:64 with genuine styling and stunning décor
5. Great gift for children and collectors


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