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Green Toys Submarine in Yellow & Blue

Product Description:

Now, kids can re-enjoy the pool party by choosing the Green Toys submarine. The yellow vessel is made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that are safe for both the earth and your child. This pool toy is free of bisphenol and phthalate and complies with FDA standards so your children can stay safe even if they try to lick it. This toy submarine is equipped with a rotating rear propeller and a flat bottom, which contributes to the stability of the toy. This indoor and outdoor toy is equipped with a classic handle that will keep the child in a strong grip, enjoying scooping and filling.

Green Toys Submarine

To help protect the planet, use my first Green Toy Submarine Command for a cruise! Submerge it underwater to discover the underground and let it explore the horizon in search of the next adventure.

The strong watercraft features a rear spin propeller, a smooth floor for greater stability, and a classic handle and blend of open span for plenty of fun. The cabin can be opened for easy cleaning, while the entire ship is equipped with a dishwasher.

Some Advantage of Green Toys Submarine

  • This pool toy is made using 100% earth-friendly materials such as plastic milk jars. It does not contain BPA, phthalates and is safe from PVC. These standards are in line with the FDA to ensure safety even when your toddler is licking it.
  • Toddler toys can be easily cleaned. The cabin of this underwater toy can be opened for easy cleaning and is safe from the dishwasher. The toy can be easily cleaned using baby soap or shampoo.
  • This blue toy will help children or toddlers discover the land at the bottom of their tub. It also helps them enjoy their cruise. Wide open mouth allows kids to enjoy scooping and shedding.
  • The pool toy features a rear spin propeller with a flat bottom to stabilize it. This batch has a classic handle that helps your baby maintain a firm grip that may help improve their grip.
  • Manufectured in USA from 100% recycled milk containers


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