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Best Toy Car Garage Wheels Race & Adventure Park

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Go to Hawaii, on the roadmap! there is! riding wheel and vetch adventure park. The card goes up to the mountains and goes around the road. See the 360 ° loop through the jump. The play also features a rotating ferry wheel, a carnival dropped game, a swing gear, and a swing gate. There are four clever points to connect smart, funny sounds, phrases and music to your card-card and more! there is! smart wheels and go! there is! The numbers of smart animals (each sold separately). Gavin’s go-kart has intelligent dot technology, fun sounds, phrases, three songs, and six melodies.

Best Toy Car Garage Wheels Race

1. Use smart point go-kart to run four Smart point points, which response with different sounds and phrases
2. Five child-friendly zones launch the goat card with a 360 ° hinge, turn the ferry wheel and help shape good motor skills.
3. Gavin, the go-kart plays merry sounds, phrases, three songs, and six songs
4. Teaches the letter “G” and the name of the vehicle
5. It works with other Go! Go! Smart Wheelbase, Go! Go! Select Smart Animal’s tracks and go! Go! Smart Friends paths (each sold separately)

1 review for Best Toy Car Garage Wheels Race & Adventure Park

  1. Mary Gleason

    I bought this for my 3 year old nephew and 4 year old son. We did not have any problem with catapult sending vtech vehicles on roller coaster. It hardly fails. Both my nephew and son enjoy this play set. However, putting it together took a lot of time, longer than one can expect. I think that is the only downside of this play set.

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